Colouring In for Grown-Ups!

Adult colouring in books are all the rage at the moment, with sales increasing exponentially. So if colouring in is not just for kids, exactly why should adults join in?colouring

Because colouring is GOOD FOR YOU!

  1. It is a stress-free activity that relaxes the fear centre of the brain – the amygdala – and provides your brain with a much needed rest
  2. It trains your brain to focus
  3. It helps your fine motor skills and vision
  4. It lets you be YOU! Express yourself through colour!
  5. It is FUN!

Long Jetty Pharmacy is running a colouring-in competition from now until September 24, and because colouring in is not only for kids, we have TWO prizes on offer – one for the grown-ups, and one for the grown-ups-in-making. Come in to the pharmacy to collect your entry, and colour ’til your hearts content!

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